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At XIP4Life we offer unique products for your health and well-being. From CBD's, Weight Loss & Skin Care Products. Learn more about the power of CBD's and get educated. Watch the video's below.

Understanding CBD's

CNN correspondent and neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta

Understanding CBD's

Heart surgeon, Dr. Oz

Know the Facts

Five Must Know Facts About CBD

Our Core Value Products

CBD Gummies

Juicy tart orange flavor Each Vita Gummie has 10MG of our Nano Emulsified CBD.
Our CBD Gummies come in 2 flavors: Peach and Apple.

Holistic Water Enhancer

Our CBD water enhancer is a full-spectrum, nano-amplified phytocannabinoid beverage enhancer designed to add balance to your active lifestyle. Easy to carry with you and enhance any beverage with.
Our Holistic Water Enhancer comes in 2 flavors: Fruit Punch and Mango.

What They Are Saying

Hear from our product users on the changes our products have brought to their lives.

OPC+, AloeRed, CalorieFREE, in 3 Months I lost 34 lbs and am off 4 Blood Pressure meds and off 2 Inhalers!
Charlie Daniels
I’m excited to report that for the first time, in a long time, my Cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL were all down, along with my blood sugar, blood pressure, and my Synthroid medication was reduced.
June Carter
AloeRed, CalorieFREE and in 3 Months I lost 23 lbs and am also off all Diabetic Medications.
Jody Daniels
In June 2009 I was introduced to OPC+, AloeRed and CalorieFREE. After a few short weeks on the products, I was relieved of years of pain. As a result I have been able to eliminate six prescriptions I was using daily.
Jane Paulk
Mid August 2009 I began taking OPC’s and AloeRed. After three weeks the Acid Reflux was 100% gone! Also, I have absolutely no knee pain and the joints in my fingers are much better. I have never had so much energy! I’m excited to live a pain free life.
Lorrie Colee
In 2009 I started on OPC+. Within 4 days, I kept forgetting to take my pain meds. I realized it had been 7 hours, then 8 hours since my last pain pill, because the pain was diminished in half.
Lenore Israel

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