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isLift creates an instant face lift affect for up to 10 hours!

DNA+ is our finest anti-wrinkle cream with Thymulen 4® and can be used daily. DNA+ should be used immediately after toning or appling isLift.

SIX, our multi-peptide serum is an outstanding facial firming serum and should be used after toning as well. If you are using DNA+ and SIX, be sure to apply DNA+ first.

isLift | Instant Face Lift


This extraordinary skin solution tightens sagging skin to visibly lift as it smoothes creases and wrinkles.

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DNA+ | Youth Serum

DNA+ 1/2 oz

Reverse the signs of aging with this unique and effective formula. DNA+ Youth Serum contains the scientifically-proven active Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2, a peptide derived from the youth hormone.

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Six - | Multi-Peptide Serum


The latest innovation for the reduction of wrinkles, Six, Multi-Peptide Serum contains six of the most potent peptides currently available, to address the effects of aging on the skin.

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Pure Infusion 1 & 2


Infusing science and nature. Experience a new dimension of skin smoothing in only 28 days! Contains 8 peptides and resveratrol to help boost your collagen!

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